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Founded in 2000, RBG is one of the main distributors of IMD (Implantable Medical Device) in Brazil.

In its solid trajectory, the company has won the credibility and the respect of the market, officializing partnerships with internationally recognized industries which invest in the development of the sector, in cutting-edge in technology, in the quality of its products and in excellence.

Currently, it supplies all major hospitals in the South of Brazil, with remarkable presence in the Minimally Invasive lines (coronary, imaging, neuro and vascular / peripheral) and Cardiac Surgery.

In 2012, Maximedical altered its legal nature and became RBG Produtos Therapêuticos S/A, maintaining its original brand name - Maximedical.


Challenges have always been part of RBG's history. The distributor started its activities as a market consultancy for Guidant do Brasil in 1999. The objective of the study was to reassess the hemodynamic segment, in order to identify its potentialities and to establish a plan to achieve market

share consistent with the leadership which that brand already held worldwide. The goal was successfully accomplished. As a precise and analytical work on how to operate in Rio Grande do Sul unfolded, by the year of 2000, a local distributor was founded by the name of Maximedical. Later, in 2012, Maximedical became RBG.

The positive decisions that followed for over a decade consolidated a reliable service, compatible with the expectations of a high-level, extremely demanding and conservative market.

Currently, RBG is recognized for its high quality products, its ethics policy and its commitment to partners and employees.